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Bowlers of the Year competition wraps up in style

The year-ending prestigious Bowlers of the Year competition wrapped up in a thriller as a fitting culmination to the highly successful SFBC 2002 season.

Edwin Carrao proved his worth in winning the Class A Bowler of the Year Award by defeating challenger Mario Hilado in a thrilling match play, 276-248, in Game 1 of the scheduled 2-game series. Carrao displayed chilling mastery of the lanes as he hit the decks with precision to essay one of his best ever showing in any Sharjah league sanctioned tournament.

Leading the 6-game qualifying round at 1,336pf for an average of 222.67, Carrao waited in the sidelines as Hilado and 3rd place qualifier Che Marquez battled it out to earn the right to square off with the leader. Hilado won the decider as he buried Marquez, 236-168.

In Game 1 of the the championship match, Carrao started off with 7 strikes in a row. On the 8th, Carrao hit a high nose split of 3-6-7-10 but managed to convert it for a spare. Armed with a renewed confidence, Carrao finished off the match with 4 more strikes to end the game in a high note, leaving Hilado biting the dust.

Hilado, facing an uphill battle to beat Carrao twice for the title, managed to carry on a superb frame-by-frame challenge as he converted 6 strikes in a row from the 2nd frame after a 7-spare conversion on the first frame. His hopes of pipping Carrao in Game1 quickly vanished after Carrao hit the decks with no mercy.

In Class B, Jimmy Joquico played consistently in a two-game match over qualifying round leader Gilbert Rayco. Rayco, enjoying a beat twice advantage failed to capitalize on his leading position as he trailed Joquico in the two-game match play.

Joquico immediately went on a rampage in Game 1, submitting a high 235pf against Rayco's lean 183pf. Joquico again duplicated his game plan in the 2nd match scoring 235pf as he left Rayco with only 188pf.

Joquico defeated Andy Matic in the first stepladder match 202-156pf to earn the right to face Rayco.

Mel Fernandez lost Game 1 to challenger Peter Furo for the Class C championship, 167-227pf. Fernandez, enjoying a beat twice advantage regrouped his nerves and started strongly with 3 strikes in a row in Game 2. Furo meanwhile answered back with strike/spare/strike conversions but on the way to the 4th frame, Furo conceded defeat as he injured his fingers that prevented him from continuing the match. Fernandez was eventually declared Class C champion.

Furo defeated Toto Agura in the first stepladder match by 1 pinfall, 190-189 in what could be described as the closest match of the night. Agura, needing a strike on his bonus ball on the 10th to tie the match, hit the decks with a high-pocket delivery for a 9pf take.

In the ladies division, Grace Abalos crowned herself SFBC's Female Bowler of the Year after defeating a seasoned Minda Menese. Abalos maintained composure against SFBC's top-seeded female bowler as she literally answered Meneses' strings of strikes.

Coming off from a leading position after the 6-game qualifying round, Abalos secured the title in Game 1 of the championship match with a strong showing of 222pf against Meneses' 219pf.

Meneses defeated Florette Perez, the 2nd top qualifier, in the first stepladder match, 234-180pf.

CLASS A Bowler of the Year: Edwin Carrao with SFBC President Zeny Figueroa.
CLASS B Bowler of the Year: Jimmy Joquico with SFBC President Zeny Figueroa.
CLASS C Bowler of the Year: Mel Fernandez with SFBC President Zeny Figueroa.
FEMALE Bowler of the Year: Grace Abalos with SFBC President Zeny Figueroa.