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rules and regulations

The Sharjah Filipino Bowling Club (SFBC) started in 1992 as a small group of Filipinos who love bowling in the Emirate of Sharjah. Games were played at the then 6-lane Continental Bowling Centre. Since then, the group has grown in proportion and in November 1995, the Club was formally established as the premier bowling group for Filipino expatriates in the United Arab Emirates residing primarily in Sharjah, Dubai, and the neighboring Northern Emirates. From its humble beginnings, membership stands at over 100 bowling enthusiasts today.

SFBC is a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian sports organization. It exists to provide Filipino expatriates and other local and international communities an avenue to foster camaraderie, brotherhood and sportsmanship through the sports of amateur bowling. It further seeks to promote bowling as a legitimate sports through competitive events.

Management of the Club is bestowed on the duly elected and appointed Club Officers.

FBF Logo
Dubai Bowling Center

In order to accommodate the growing number of members and teams, the SFBC has moved its home court to the state-of-the-art Dubai Bowling Center (DBC) located just on the border of Sharjah and Dubai. DBC is fully automated with 36 Brunswick synthetic lanes and has hosted numerous local, regional and international FIQ-sanctioned tournaments. All SFBC official league games and tournaments are held at DBC. The ongoing Sharjah Filipino Bowling Club League is held every Friday evening at 6pm with 15 participating teams.

SFBC is open for membership to all Filipino bowlers throughout the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the Club also extends honorary memberships to non-Filipinos. Acceptance of honorary memberships however is based on a majority vote of the Club's Officers. For more information, please go to the Members page.
While the Club maintains its own Rules and Regulations, the FIQ Statuettes and FIQ Rules and Regulations shall at all times be the main source of information and tournament procedures in adherence to the amateur sports of bowling. RULES



SFBC conducts several team and individual tournaments to give the opportunity to its members to develop further their skills. As such, regular league games are held every Friday and run for one full calendar year. Two regular conferences are held every year. The Friday League is a Team of Five event (mixed) participated in by a host of groups, clubs, associations and companies. It is played on a single round robin format in 3 games per round.

The Club also organizes other tournaments for its members. These include Singles Handicap Tournament, Mixed Team Tournament and No-Tap Singles Tournament. These events have proved successful over the years that they have become a regular fixture of the bowling calendar.

SFBC conducts a Bowler of the Month (BOM) competition as well. The men's division is grouped under 3 classifications (A, B, and C), while the women's division is one single group (open). All BOMs proceed to the Bowler of the Year competition towards the end of the calendar year.

Bowlers' classifications are A, B, and C for both male and women's division, based on their current league averages. Re-classification of bowlers is done on a yearly basis.

Willy Ramos
SFBC Ladies Team 2
Tess Victoria
SFBC Ladies Team 3
SFBC Ladies Team 1


All Filipino Bowling Clubs in the UAE have been federated into one single association - the Filipino Bowling Federation-UAE, otherwise known as FBF. The member clubs are: Abu Dhabi Filipino Bowling Club (ADFBC), Dubai Filipino Bowling Club (DFBC), Ras Al Khaimah Bowling Club (RAKFBC), Ajman Filipino Bowling Club (AFBC), and of course Sharjah Filipino Bowling Club (SFBC). In a calendar year, Invitational Games are held with each member club hosting the event on a rotation basis. As of this time, there are five active clubs in the Emirates, hence, 5 invitational games are held in a year.

SFBC Mens Team 1


Bowling is a thriving pastime for most Filipino expatriates in all of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. In almost all major cities, at least one Filipino bowling club exists to serve the needs of Filipinos for quality entertainment.

While most clubs are formed as a way to divert Filipinos to more constructive activities, bowling has now become as competitive as ever. It has grown to become not only as a way to while the time away and to fight homesickness but also as a way to express one's competitive spirit. After all, most of the sporting honors the Philippines have achieved in the international sports arena come from bowling!

Today, the GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tournament is a regular yearly event. Hosting rights are rotated among all recognized federations and clubs. Now on its sixth year, SFBC will be hosting the 6th GCC games in 2003.

SFBC Mens Team 2

SFBC Mens Team 3
SFBC shall endeavor to always maintain a high standard of bowling in all its activities. It shall at all time foster camaraderie and sportsmanship not only to its members but also to other bowling enthusiasts of all nationalities who in one or the other are somehow linked to the Club.

With the club's vision to digitize all its data and communications, this site is created primarily to disseminate all club-related information to all its members as fast as possible. It shall also include other information related to the sports of bowling. In the future, a Members Only area shall be created whereby all members can post messages and personal ads, subject to approval of the Editor and Webmaster.